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Min Age 12+
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AUD 73.59

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Activity Location

Sydney , NSW , AU

- 2000

Meeting / Redemption Point

Sydney , NSW , AU

- 2000

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Terms & Conditions

Service Level Agreement Activities
1. - Signage, Meeting point and time:   The SUPPLIER shall ensure that staff are:  - easily recognizable and placed in a visible manner for the Client; - located on the designated meting point
Any agreed meeting points shall be located:  - shall always refer to a “generic” place - staff may easily indicate
2. – Staff & Standards:
The SUPPLIER shall ensure that its staff or subcontractors comply with the following points: - hold a valid license for the service they are required to operate; - be qualified, experienced and fit  - will not smoke in or near the Client, nor during its duty; - not be drinking or eating whilst on duty, and not drinking alcohol  before performing a Service; - know the relevant route  - be punctual at all time, arrive at meeting point not less than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time  - treat TAB´ Clients to the highest standards of care and attention and behave in a courteous manner and respectfully at all time;  - comply with any reasonable instructions given by TAB’s staff in relation to the Services; - will not bring friends, family, or other related persons while on duty; - For drivers will use a hand-free kit if phoning while driving; - will not claim tips or use coercion or blackmail to extra tips from the client or group leader.
3. - Vehicles:  
The SUPPLIER shall ensure that all its vehicles are not older than 5 years and maintained in excellent condition and are clean, safe and properly and regularly serviced and comply with all relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice, guidance and other requirements of any relevant government or governmental agency. Vehicles shall (including but not limited to):
- shall have seat belts in all seating, and driver and/or representative shall remind clients to wear and lock them at all time;  - shall be maintained tidy and cleaned internally and externally at all time; - must be properly maintained in full working conditions, including but not limited to air-conditioning systems, safety harness, and any audio-visual equipment. - Also the SUPPLIER shall inform TAB if the vehicles have a company logo.
4. – No-shows & Go-shows (Not applicable to Shuttle Services):  
No-Shows: If the Client:  does not arrive;  Is not present at the designated meeting point at the agreed time  
The SUPPLIER shall immediately CONTACT THE CLIENT. In the case that client is not reachable or the number has not been provided, the SUPPLIER MUST notify TAB via our emergency lines:
0034 971 211 630 / 0034 971 178 711
For additional information and complaint management, in case of Client (NO SHOW) the SUPPLIER needs to:   Call our emergency Line informing the incident.  Send an Email to: [email protected] notifying the incident and confirming the steps above with documentation to keep records.  Keep a GPS location information (coordinates /date / place) record. *when applicable.  Ask the Hotel reception to sign/stamp a control sheet (date / place).*when applicable.
Please include the following information: Subject: Reservation code  Email:  Reason of incidence/ noshow
Go-show: The SUPPLIER shall also notify TAB forthwith if the Clients present themselves for a service even if the SUPPLIER has not been notified about the booking by TAB. In such circumstances, the SUPPLIER shall check the voucher presented by the Client with TAB’s emergency line. If the Service is confirmed by TAB, the SUPPLIER shall do its best to provide the Services requested. If any of the above conditions is not complied, TAB reserves the right to take corrective actions depending on each case, either compensations or termination of the Agreement.  
5. – Other Information:
The SUPPLIER shall provide at least 18 months availability:  in the case TAB does not receive the updated rates will be entitle to extend the rates  
All Service should be available from 1 pax:  For any exceptions SUPPLIER will need to notify in advance
All services booked are confirmed  
Extra charges:  The SUPPLIER shall not be able to charge for extra cost if it is not notify in advance to the client
Emergency number:  The SUPPLIER ought to provide beforehand to TAB a specific emergency phone number that must be operative, at least, while the Service contracted is expected to be delivered and in the event of a failure reported by the Clients on the spot related to the Service delivery, will allow the Client and/or TAB to report the incidence directly to a decision-maker representative of the SUPPLIER in order to solve the possible incidence in a smooth way and in a short period of time. The staff answering this phone number will have an adequate level of English and of the language of the country in which the Service is provided.
Should the mentioned phone number be inoperative due to any unforeseen situation, the SUPPLIER is compelled to provide a new phone contact within the shortest time possible. Impossibility of getting feedback or a lack of reaction on the spot from the SUPPLIER representative, may incur in alternative arrangements which costs might be wholly or partly attributable to the SUPPLIER.
Language: All SUPPLIER´s staff must speak at least basic level English and/or the language of the country in which the Service is provided. If required in the service booked (previously agreed between the SUPPLIER and TAB
Cancellation:  By mail to: ……………
 Accepted free of charge 24hrs before arrival/departure time. In case of cancellation after deadline: 100% penalty. No show: full amount of the Service will be invoiced always that no-show is confirmed by TAB as mentioned in clause 8.1.11.
Stop sales:  By mail to: ………………… (Email stop sales) From the moment of sending please allow 24hours for the stop sale be active. Every booking received until 24hours deadline should be considered as confirmed under contracted rates/clauses.
6. - Complaints and Compensations.  
Subject to clause 10 please see below complaints and compensation schemes:  
a) Standard Complaint(s) under complaint agreed ratio. In the unfortunate case that supplier fails to: • Provide the Service (no show); • Bad quality of the Services (reckless  driving, cleanliness):  • Waiting time non-compliance;  • Service type non-compliance;  • Type of service non-compliance.  
There will be a standard complaint compensation of:
1- FULL REFUND + Service  fare price difference**   ** (Extra charge if an alternative (service) applies and/or surpasses cost of original booking). 2- Apologies letter to handout to the Client.
b) Complaint(s) above Complaints Ratio (2)
In the case that SUPPLIER has an overall complaint ratio (2) above the agreed amount of __X__% an extra compensation will be applied on top of the full booking refund, this compensation will have a flat percentage of ___ to add to the cost of the Service booking plus the extra charge above mentioned when applicable.
This amount would cover:  
• Issue Management troubleshooting;  • Agencies and final costumer compensation.
 (2) Complaint ratio: The complaint ratio will be calculated every 3 months by TAB and in base of ALL Services confirmed and invoiced vs Complaint cases that SUPPLIER is held responsible for the service fail.